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"Distracted by Comparison vs Captivated by Purpose"

Updated: Aug 4, 2022

"Distracted by Comparison or Captivated by Purpose?

📌 How often do you compare yourself to others? 📌

Colleagues, managers, friends, siblings, people you see on social media, and the list goes on.

We all need a measure of success when it comes to our way of thinking, actions and behavior. And more often than not that measure lies in our social or work environment.

🔛Constructive vs. Destructive Comparison

• Constructive comparison can contribute to self awareness and corrective actions and in turn lead to improvement and self development, when viewed as an example of an alternative way forward.

• On the other hand destructive comparison, is the situations we feel bad about ourselves when comparing us to others. This can lead to lower self esteem, decreased productivity and negatively affect our work performance especially if we experience disparaging feelings such as frustration, jealousy and hopelessness.

These are 5 ways to limit destructive comparison:

📌 Focus on your strengths and tend to your emotional well-being by avoiding situations that may trigger you.

📌 Avoid comparing other people's "ideal" lives to your own. Everyone's fighting a battle you don't know about.

📌 Focus on quality instead of quantity.

📌 Count your blessings and the things you're grateful for.

📌 Use comparison as a source of motivation and strength to move forward.

🎯 Remember that when it comes to other people's lives you only see the parts they want to show you. 🎯

You possess a unique combination of character traits, feelings, abilities and thoughts that no-one else does. Instead of focusing on the seemingly perfect lives of other people choose to make the best out of the current circumstances and work on your goals.

The only real comparison you should be focusing on is the one between you and yourself.

⭐️ How do you choose to work on yourself and your goals today? ⭐️

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