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How Is Your Fear Limiting You?

Fear is an instinctive response when we find ourselves in an unknown environment or with a situation we've never dealt with before. Fear can even stem from previous experiences or possible scenarios we've played inside our heads.

Fear produces limits which in turn become walls we confine ourselves in or stories we tell ourselves in order not to take action and stay stuck. As human beings we are conditioned to play it safe and survive.

It is true that while we cannot face every single fear we can choose the battles we can fight. Freeing ourselves from the limits of our fears takes strength and courage. To stand against our natural instincts and create a life beyond our fears and the stories we tell ourselves.

What is your biggest fear?

Take a moment to think the role that fear plays in your life.

What are the things you're missing out on?

How can you get to the other side of the fear?

What would be different for you if that fear wasn't there?


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