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Progress vs. Procrastination

"I will do it later." The one single phrase we have all uttered in one (or one too many) occasion in our lives. Let's admit it. We have a tendency to postpone things. Why? Because we either don't like them or we are somehow afraid of them.

️ That talk with our manager about a promotion or raise.

️ A project we don't like with an upcoming deadline.

️ A conversation with an employee that is underperforming.

️ The diet we start next Monday.

Have you ever thought what is the cost of your procrastination?

Stress, fear, anxiety; even lower self esteem. Truth be told, we can always find a seemingly good reason to procrastinate. An excuse for not powering through what needs to be done. The longer we take to get the task done the more it magnifies and becomes heavy on our shoulders. Yet we don't take the action until we are pushed or forced to. Either by time or the circumstances.

Procrastination may not seem easy to conquer, at first. Nonetheless, there are effective ways to work through it:

📌 Identify the reasons which cause you to delay getting the job done. Awareness will help you pinpoint obstacles. When you know what you're fighting against it's easier to find ways to work through it.

📌 Prepare a plan and decide the resources you need to get the task done.

📌 Break the task into smaller steps of action.

📌 Act preemptively and set a specific time frame with realistic deadlines.

📌 Make it a team effort and include other people to increase your motivation and accountability.

🎯 If you are afraid or uncertain about what needs to be done remember that progress always beats perfection.

Persistence is key in overcoming procrastination. The longer you let yourself sink in it the harder it is to break the chain. Make it a habit to take one small step every day and reward yourself for achieving it. Once you accumulate some action you will find it is easier to keep going.

🎯 Remember, there is no better time than the present.

️ What are your strategies to beat procrastination and get results?

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