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The Art of Letting Go

Let it go. Three words so simple to say yet so difficult to put into practice. The art of letting go.

Whenever you feel like you just can't forget something it isn't the memory or the experience itself you can't let go of. It's the feelings surrounding that experience. Anger, sadness, frustration. Reliving those feelings every time you think of what you can't let go.

To let go is to accept things as they are. Acceptance is the essence of letting go. Acknowledging the feelings you have is the first step. Your emotions are your instinctive response to anything that happens. How you react and what you do with those emotions is your choice. Name them. Ask yourself what is the reason you feel this way.

Rather than suppressing and trying to disparage those feelings allow them to be.

Say it to yourself out loud:

"I realize I am upset/sad/frustrated, because this happened."

Take a few deep breaths and feel the tension calming down. Now, focus on the resolution part and ask yourself:

"What would benefit me and make me feel better?".

It is very true that letting go is hard. It is in our nature to resist change. We are built for staying in the comfort zone. The real question is how is your comfort zone serving you?

️ How does holding on and not letting go serve you?

Change can be hard, even painful and yet accepting things aren't working out and moving on may lead you to an even better and brighter future.

Don't let life just happen to you. You can choose to create something extraordinary for yourself. And you can choose the support you want in this process. Whatever that is, make sure it is serving first and foremost you.

️ How ready are you to let go of what is holding you back?

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