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The Circle of Trust

I remember watching the film Meet the Parents many years ago. I was particularly intrigued by the idea of the circle of trust.

To provide the context of it in short: the circle of trust is essentially a close-knit support group based on love, trust and support for its members.

The people we surround ourselves with; the things we most talk about can have a huge impact on us. Think of the people you spend the majority of your time with.

What is the impact they have on you?

How free do you feel to share your ideas around them sans second thoughts?

Have you ever had a time when you were all excited for something, shared it with people closest to you and they didn't share the same feeling or even dismissed you. Pretty bumming, right?

We all need acceptance and validation somehow. To feel that we are being appreciated, supported, rooted for.

How to create your own circle of trust:

1. Shared Values

It is important to share some common values with the people around you. Values are the way we view the world around and when they are conflicting it's hard to create that safe environment.

2. Honesty & Good Intentions

Having a circle of trust means you trust people enough to listen to what they really think. Believe in their good intentions and keep an open mind.

3. Communication code

Communication is one essential pillar in a circle of trust. Everybody has a different communication style. Make sure that you have a similar code of understanding things, even if you don't agree all the time.

4. Be Yourself

The basis of a circle of trust is, most obviously, trust. If you don't feel you are accepted, respected, or acknowledged then you can't be yourself. People in your circle of trust may not always understand you fully, but should be there for you to listen and support you in any way possible.

Your circle of trust aka support system can uplift and inspire you or drain and hold you back.

Having a circle of trust is all about surrounding yourself with people who get you. People who understand you. People with whom you can freely share your ideas with. People you get to be your authentic self with.

Who do you choose to put in your circle of trust?

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